taile gamougg Multiplayer

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Version: jonald18

New map! Memeland. This will be the default for now until I can figure out a map selection system.

Use chocolate and first aid kits to heal. If you die, refresh the page. To enter Spectre mode, die and click the NonOnOnoNo block that appears.


Arrow keys to move, W to increase jump height when in midair. Hold Shift to run.

A to equip the G98M8 Rifle; S to shoot it.

E to throw grenades.

D to equip the modified Obliterator Pistol; Spacebar to shoot it.

Press Caps Lock to use the multi-purpose shield.

\ to dash right and Ctrl to dash left.

B to turn on weapon skins, R to turn them off.

[ to rotate vehicles left, ] to rotate right

= to make the vehicles jump

Click the battle tank to shoot its main cannon

Move your mouse to fire the GSS Gamouggle aircraft's lasers; press S to fire it's bullets.

M to mute all music. Press M then any number from 1-9 to play different music.

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