Growing Evil

By: IraE
169 Plays

Made for the Winter Flowjam 2021! Game made in two days.

ERROR: Proximities are defect for the TV and Gambling Machines.

Theme: growing

Story: A young devil wants to become a real devil. In ordere to become a good devil he needs to complete this test. Harverst 10 people. If the young devil won't make it he will be punished by the upper devil.

AWDS or Arrow Keys: move

E: Grab humans

X: Activate tv/gambiling machine

Y: Use alcohol

U: Use drugs

Art by: Dilyana Parvanova

Coding by: Ira Evers

NOTE: My apologies for the low frame rate in the main game we were not able to lower it within time. Luckily you can enjoy the right frame rate in the practise level.

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