The Facility

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A puzzle game. You play as a AI ( Artificial intelligence ) and are being tested it seems, you have no idea why. You have no memory, you just came to "life". You do not know where you are or how the world is outside the facility.

Controls: Sometime clicking on stuff does something ...

WAD = W = Jump | A D = Strafe left and right

Zero-Gravity controls: W = Accelerate forwards | AD = Move left or right | S = Stop movement

Be weary of moving in Zero-G as you move by emitting oxygen which you have a limited amount of ...

Zero-G Information: The Green bar is your oxygen level, and the red bar is your oxygen tank durability. The unit disconnects when out of oxygen in a test chamber that requires oxygen.

PS: If you're wondering that the white bubbles are in Zero-G, they are water bubbles

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