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This game was made in Under a Week for FlowJam 2021. Where the selected theme was "Growing."


A - Rotate Left

D - Rotate Right

SHIFT - Speed up Rotation

SPACE - Fire Pellet

W - Move Forward [ Level 2 Exclusive ]


The Enemies -- Slimers -- Slowly Grow. Now, this may seem like it makes it easier to hit them. Which it does! But, since their's so many it gets harder to kill all of them before they get to you.


The Enemies -- Slimers -- Attack in Random Masses at Random times. Each wave starts Randomly, and the Count of Slimers is also Randomized, so you'll never have the Same Fight Twice! :)

The goal is to Survive as Long as you Can! >:D


All of the Music : flowlab.io / grazer

All of the SFX : flowlab.io / grazer

Sprites : Me

Coding : Me

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