Halo: Flowlab Evolved Beta

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Halo CE vibes

This version of the game is the regular version. For the Flowjam 2021 version, click here: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1609163

Introducing Filters!

Now you can pointlessly customize your camera view! Go into Edit Game -> User Interface and apply them!


Arrow keys to move

S to shoot default weapon, the Assault Rifle. Specific missions (levels) will tell you how to use the exclusive weapon meant for that particular mission/level.

Press E to throw grenades

M to mute music. This can be especially useful for listening to the audio logs of deceased UNSC Marines, which will usually provide you with your objective. Press U to unmute.

Ghost vehicle Controls

= to go up and ; to go down | Ctrl to move left and \ to move right

Spacebar to shoot the Ghost's laser cannon

[ to rotate left and ] to rotate right | A + left arrow + up arrow to exit Ghost

To put music in Forge, insert an object with "track" in its name. The number of the track is the number is given to a particular track e.g track 10 would be Under Cover of Night from Halo: Combat Evolved, and h2 v1 track 12 would be the twelfth track of the first volume of the Halo 2 soundtrack, In Amber Clad.

Halo created by Bungie and Microsoft Studios.

Project originally cloned from Halo: Flowlab Evolved
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