Halo: Flowlab Evolved



Customize your character's loadouts by swapping their weapon bundles in their behaviors!

Press , (comma) to play as the Arbiter. The P2 Arbiter uses WAD movement. If you complete a level after switching your player character, you will not respawn in the next level. You must press Escape twice and then re-select your character. Press / to play as N'tho Sraom and ' to play as Uzse 'Taham.

Controls for player characters that aren't Master Chief:

Arrow keys to move

C for Carbine

N for Needler

W to throw Plasma Grenade (Player 2 uses E to throw a Plasma Grenade)

(Arbiter exclusive) Z to dash in the direction you're facing and X to use Energy Sword.

(N'tho Sraom exclusive) A to use Assault Rifle and Z to use Magnum.

Master Chief Controls:

Arrow Keyes to move (see what I did there?)

A to equip and shoot the Assault Rifle. Press Y to unequip all weapons. Specific levels will tell you how to use the new weapon meant for that particular level.

Press the numbers 1-6 to choose which game's version of Master Chief you want to play as. Press 1 to return to default (Combat Evolved). Other characters use this system too, but only have 2-3 skins at the moment. Please wait for more.

Everyone's controls:

Press V to look inside crates.

M to mute music. This can be especially useful for listening to the audio logs of deceased UNSC Marines, which will usually provide you with your objective. Press U to unmute.

Use any weapon other than the Assault Rifle to turn off Active Camo. Press Q near the jetpack to pick it up and drop it.

Press P to pause, Backspace to restart the level, ` to restart the game, and O to enter fullscreen.

Press B to turn on weapon skins.

Press Spacebar to fire turrets.

Vehicle Controls

If using the Ghost as Master Chief, always press the left arrow before entering; also stay facing left for the duration of the drive.

Ctrl to move left and \ to move right

= to go up and ; to go down

Spacebar to shoot all vehicle weapons.

[ to rotate left and ] to rotate right.

Just hop in and hop out of vehicles to exit them.

Left-click vehicles to select between three random skins. Right-click them to remove the skins.

Banshee-Specific Controls

Press = and ; to rotate. Press \ and Control to move right and left respectively. Use your mouse to rotate the cannons. You can also click anywhere to fire the Banshee's cannons.

When in Forge, press Escape to start editing the level. Left-click on the Next Map icon at the top of the screen to go to the other Forge map. Right-click the icon to destroy it.

For certain menu buttons, left-clicking and right-clicking a button will have different effects. For example, left-clicking the Forge button will take you to Forge map 1, while right-clicking it will take you to Forge map 2.

To put music in any level, insert an object with "track" in its name. The number of the track is the number is given to a particular track e.g track 10 would be the tenth track of the Halo: Combat Evolved Soundtrack, and h2 v1 track 12 would be the twelfth track of the first volume of the Halo 2 soundtrack. To delete a music track, press Escape and delete the invisible object in grid coordinates 0,0.

To use the Custom Skin Library, use the select tool in Game Editor-> Sprite Editor to copy your chosen skin and paste it into the player object. You can also do this with the "Skin Pack" objects found in the object library in the Game Editor. You can also upload your own custom character or skin into the game! Make sure they are 32x32 pixels (1x1 Flowlab grid space) or they won't fit. Here's and image resizing tool if your character is too big: https://imageresizer.com

Halo created by Bungie and Microsoft Studios.