Halo Flowlab Evolved Multiplayer

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Version: Villains of Reach

Press Caps Lock to turn on coloured visors and H for alternate helmets. The visor's colour and the helmets are both random. Press Y to turn them off. M to mute music. Press U to unmute. To change the music, first press M, then any number from 1 to 9. NumLock, -, and the down arrow key play music too.

If you die, wait to respawn. Don't shoot, or you risk killing yourself upon respawn.


Arrow keys to move

Ctrl to dash left, \ to dash right

A to use Assault Rifle.

C to use Combat Evolved Pistol

L to use Plasma Rifle

R to use Railgun

O to use Plasma Pistol. To use a charged shot, press and hold 0 for a few seconds, then let go.

N to use Needler

S to use SMG

E to throw grenades

D to use DMR

Z to use the CQS48 Bulldog Shotgun

Hold down Q to use the Sniper Rifle, let go to fire

Right-click anywhere to shoot turrets

Ghost Controls

= to go up and ; to go down

Ctrl to move left and \ to move right

Spacebar to shoot the Ghost's laser cannon

[ to rotate left and ] to rotate right

A + left arrow + right arrow to exit Ghost

(The Warthog controls the same as the Ghost, but with an additional firing method: right-clicking the screen. You also do not need additional buttons to exit, as you do with the Ghost. For the Warthog you can simply hop out.)

Some supplies can be found on the surface, but the rest are found underground. Use your Railgun, a charged shot of your Plasma Pistol, and/or your mining skills to uncover them. To mine dirt, press X.

Team Colour Guide:

This game is normally a free-for-all, but whether or not you want to play in teams is up to you. If your colour is Red, Maroon, Brown, Pink, Yellow, or Orange, you are on Red Team. If your colour is Blue, Cyan, Purple, Black, Light Blue, or Green, you are on Blue Team. If you have the Halo 2 Master Chief skin, you are the Juggernaut. In Elite mode, warm colours = red team, cool colours = blue team. If you have the Halo 2 Arbiter skin, you are the Juggernaut.

If you find weapons on the map, click them to shoot them. You can rotate these weapons by pressing Ctrl or .