2098 Mining (Ditched Project)


Controls - WASD or Arrow Keys to move, Tab to open Quest log, backspace to close. Ctrl to open inventory, backspace to close.


Tutorial -- Start off by clicking tab to open your quests, you'll see that there is a home quest and two mining quests. Backspace will close quest log.

Mining Quests - From the start, if you go right you will find a sign that says "Mine" Walk into the cave to find coal and iron. (Click to mine)

First House Quest - From the start, if you go left you will find a plaza entrance. When you get to the plaza you can go to the shop OR go to house select (You start with one house). Once you get there you can click on the mini log cabin house to preview it.

Buying a House - Click the bed in the house.

About Quests - There is nothing that says what quests you have completed, just when you complete your whole log of quests. Rewards are given when every quest in the quest log is done.

About Ores - Currently there is only stone, coal, and iron ore.