Among Us: The Imposter Delta

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The Skeld is destroyed. You are the Imposter. Kill all the surviving crewmates and find a way home.


Press the up arrow to float up, press the down arrow to fall back down (you are in zero gravity). Use the left and right arrow keys to move in that direction.

S to equip gun, y to unequip gun, and Z to shoot it.

X to melee

Up arrow + W to double jump

Ctrl to dash left, \ to dash right

P to pause, O to enter full screen, Backspace to restart the level, and ` to restart the whole game. Press M to mute music, and U to unmute it. Do this to better hear dialogue.

Change your colour to blend in with the crewmates or replace a fallen one (press the keys):

Red: R (Default)

Blue: 1

Green: 2

Pink: 3

Orange: 4

Yellow: 5

Black: 6

White: 7

Purple: 8

Brown: 9

Cyan: 0

Lime: - (dash/hyphen)

Coral: =

Gray: [

Maroon: ]

Rose: ; (semicolon)

Tan: ' (")

Banana: / (not to be confused with \, which is the right dash button)

Original game, Among Us created by Innersloth in 2018.

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