The Apocalypse

By: MeCool00
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Welcome to The Apocalypse

(WASD- Move) (1 & 2- Switch Weapons) (Space bar- Slash your sword) (Click- Shoot) (E- Interact) (R- Reload)

Your goal is to find all the missing plane pieces that has scattered around when you had a plane crash. Pick up the plane pieces by pressing "E" then go the the plane then press "E" to put the plane back together to get to safety. Also the fire will go out time to time and it will get dark. But don't worry you can press "E" next to the big fire torch (idk what to call it lol) then the fire will turn back on. You can find the big fire torch at the bottom left corner of the map. And don't get eaten by the zombies or its over for you. And also don't let your plane be attacked by the zombies or else you'll never make it to safety. And always attack for for the heart when killing these zombies, Aiming for the legs, arms and even the head won't work. Once you get all the missing plane pieces you win!

Ammo-When you pick up this item your gun will get more bullets.

Health Potion- This can help you regain your health and is also really useful when going to look for missing plane pieces and there are zombies next to your plane without knowing you can pick this up and it will regain your plane and give you time to get back as well to finish those zombies

Blue Bar- This bar shows how much plane pieces you have putted in if you it fills all the way up you win

Red Bar- This bar shows how much health you got left and also the planes health

White Bar- This bar shows how much swings you have on your sword this doesn't need ammo. But when it runs out you have to wait a few seconds for it to recharge so you can use it again.

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