The Plorp Chronicles


Kinda based on halo but doesn't really have anything to do with it

Version 4.3

Shoot Plorp, and claim your territory from an ex-Covenant gang known as the Homies of Oblivion.

Press , (comma) to play as Broplorp. The separate Player 2 Broplorp can be controlled with either the arrow keys for single-player or WAD for local multiplayer. If you complete a level as Broplorp, you will not respawn. You must double press the Escape key and turn from Plorp to Broplorp once again. Controls for both versions:

Arrow keys to move

C for Carbine

N for Needler

Spacebar to equip the Plasma Rifle; A to shoot it.

C to shoot Plasma Pistol

Plorp (default character) Controls:

Arrow Keyes to move (see what I did there?)

A to shoot the Plasma Rifle

C to shoot Plasma Pistol

Z to shoot Carbine

Press E to throw frag grenades

Press 1 to equip a helmet, or 2 to wear a piece of armor. Press 0 to take both of these off. You can also press B to select random colors or designs for them.

M to mute music. Press U to unmute.

Ghost vehicle Controls

= to go up and ; to go down | Ctrl to move left and \ to move right

Spacebar to shoot the Ghost's laser cannon

[ to rotate left and ] to rotate right | A + left arrow + up arrow to exit Ghost

Halo created by Bungie and Microsoft Studios. Also 343 Industries.