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A simple little game designer that you can use to experiment with things and create a layout for your game,or just create a game using New Gameoogle.Sadly,you cannot save your games so if you wanna keep playing your games you might have to keep recreating them.Maybe take a screenshot and copy the game?No idea.Share your games on the forums and have fun with the Avatar Designer,where you can try on 4 outfits right now.If you visit this game and use a different game creator more often Objectator 1 will hold a grudge against you hidden in that sweet smile of his (Flowlab not included,because flowlab was used to create him).Did I forget to mention that robot on the shelves is Objectator 1?I also forgot to mention that currency doesn't work in this game and players are called New Gameooglers.New Gameooglers are robots and a bunch of coding.This game designer may be simple,but the description and it's lore is not.

UPDATE LOG: More blocks, ??? (Build off screen. Go where the letters face. The Labelcodebux will show you're going the right way.)

Yes,quite a lot to process.Have fun! (I hope you had fun reading all that rubbish too.)

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