Flowlab Kombat (Sadly no more updates)


A sort-of recreation of all the klassic Mortal Kombat games in flowlab. Recommended for people ages 13 and up because of a little violence

P1: WAD to move, F to block, G to punch, B for fatality (not all kharacters have them yet), Caps Lock for special move.

P2: Arrows to move, period (.) to block, comma (,) to punch, / to use special move.

Press X to turn on the retro shader and Q to turn it off.

Backspace to restart the level. ` to restart the whole game.

Press M to mute audio, and U to unmute it. Press F to enter full screen.

Press [ to go to the previous level, and ] to go the next level.

Use edit game to swap kharacters!

Kopy-and-paste the behaviours from the special blokk to turn your kharacters into Chameleon!

Thanks to MrMcMemerMan for making the template!

Mortal Kombat and associated sprites kreated by Midway Games. Now MK is kreated by Netherrealm Studios.

Sprites retrieved from Mortal Kombat Warehouse.