taile gamougg anniversary 2021

By: GamougGaming
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Relive the taile of Gamougg

You are once again Gamougg. You're literally a skeleton in a spacesuit. A somewhat mysterious ninja warrior is theoretically hunting you down. And what do you do? Explore.

The absurdly golden experience is back! But now it's more challenging than ever before.

Play the original game here: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1544369


WAD or arrow keys to move.

F to access Forge.

Spacebar to equip and shoot the funny gun, which tells you jokes whenever it hits something! Press Y to unequip it.

P to pause, O to toggle full screen,` to restart the game, and Backspace to restart the level.

Press the numbers 1-9 to equip alternate costumes. Press C to equip the custom skin; which you are meant to customize in the sprite editor. Secret costumes are available by pressing a secret button. Press M to mute music, and press U to unmute it. Press Q to turn on classic music.

Press J, K, or L to turn on different shaders. Press shift to make Gamougg shift colours. Press S to turn all these off.

Amorgos music by Andreas-Woll-Music from Pixabay

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