Sussus Amogus Fighting Game


This is a local multiplayer game. In other words, two people can play this on the same device.

Player 1 characters can only fight Player 2 characters unless you're up for some serious modding.

P1: WAD to move, C to block, Z to punch, X to kick.

P2: Arrows to move, < to punch, > to kick, and / to block.

Backspace to restart the level. ` to restart the whole game.

Press M to mute audio, and U to unmute it. Press F to enter full screen.

Press [ to go to the previous level, and ] to go the next level.

Press X to turn on the retro shader, press Q to turn it off.

Use edit game to swap characters!

Copy-and-paste the behaviours from the special block to turn your characters RGB Gamer sus!!1!1

Thanks to MrMrMcMemerMan for making the template!