Taile Gamougg: Mouse Slayer


Made for the Summer Flowjam 2021.


The computer mice are trying to sell anime girl NFTs. This is cringe, but you can ignore them. However, when they threaten innocent people for protesting...

Mobile Controls:

Tap or click the middle top to jump, middle bottom to shoot, left to move left, and right to move right. Tap the exact middle to unequip your weapon. Tap the far right or far left to dash in that direction. Tap the central middle right to use the use button, which allows you to use shield blocks.

Touch Costume Statues to unlock special costumes.

PC Controls:

Arrows or WAD to move. Spacebar to equip your gun and shoot. Press the keys indicated in level 5 to equip the Natural Predator Sword. It is a powerful and deadly weapon for cutting down foes, but dangerous to you as well. Prepare to die when using it.

P to pause, Backspace to restart the level, and to restart the whole game.

Press the numbers 1-3 to use costumes. Press R to reset to default.

Press Shift to use Shield Blocks for many things.

Berserk Mode

To enter Berserk Mode, first die. After respawning, take damage until you have -1 (negative one) or lower health. The lower the health, the better.

Press G to equip the Berserk Laser Claws when in Berserk Mode (you must be taking damage while equipping). Attack buttons are the same as the sword.

Level 2 music by GeriArt from Pixabay

Camera sound effect by thecheeseman. License. There were no changes made.