Joey's Journey

By: kianluis
830 Plays

This July 29, 2021...


Join Joey as she reads her way through her hazy dreamscape to claim her much wanted sleep!

Happy birthday, Joey!


Press A to go left.

Press D to go right.

Press Spacebar to jump.


collect pages and books before you head to bed

pages are worth 1k words and books are worth 5k words

there are spikes and evil chickens (inasal!) littered around, bumping into each will cost you 1 life

but jumping on them chickens will kill them - enact your revenge!

books give you 1 life each, but when you reach 0 lives, you will restart in the beginning :(

can you read through all the pages and books and kill all the chickens? find out!

oh and be careful of the time! you need to get ready for work at 7 am!!!


Pixel Frog, limezu, cheekyinkling, zapsplat, MINIBINI, neoriceisgood and D.O.

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