CubeTales: Sparks of War [OPEN BETA]


The galaxy isn't aware, but gas prices have gone up all over the place. Even the dads, who are normally in constant awareness of the price of fuel, aren't aware. However, one cube girl knows. She knows that the mega-corporation that controls the galaxy's gas supply is hoarding gas and selling it at constantly skyrocketing prices. And she has made it her goal to free the galaxy from the pain of insane gas prices at any cost.


YGHJ to spawn a spike that faces that direction. This can be used as a difficulty increaser. Press and hold I to inspect photos on the wall. You can also click photo frames and other objects to interact with them.


Press L to pick up the Shield Deployer when you're close to it. Press L again to drop it, and Shift to use it. Press B to randomly select skins for it. Press Q to pick up the Purple Haze Gun and Z to use it.


Control to drive car left, / to drive car right, = to jump car, ; to lower car, [ to rotate car left, and ] to rotate car right. Left-click and right-click at the same time to fire turret (it's navy blue).

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Made by Prism4tic Turtle and John Shrekinson.