The GAME 420


This game is based on my sister's and my toys. Well, mostly my toys because I don't really know how to draw my sister's toys.

Flip switches and unlock doors on your journey. The switches can be anywhere, so destroy and do what you have to do to find them. Always face right while unequipping your Battle Rifle at the end of a level; then re-equip it in the new level. Collect Soul Coins to buy more characters in the shop! Collide with NPCs to talk with them! Right-click secret indicators to destroy them.


All pick-up weapons will be on a light-green pedestal.

When equipped: Press Spacebar to use all pickup items, except the Jetpack and Grenade Launcher, for which you have to use the up arrow and X respectively. The SMG uses R, so pick up other weapons to create deadly combos!

Environment Interaction Controls:

When you find the secret computer, left click to use it; and right click to turn it off.

Spectator Mode Controls: When you die, Spectator mode will automatically be enabled after a few seconds.

Arrow Keys or WASD- Move

- Dash right. Press Ctrl to dash left. X- Lock position. P- Remove death effects and go into Photo Mode. Press the numbers 1-0 on your keyboard to equip Photo Mode skins. * G- Zoom in. H to zoom out.