Color Defense

786 Plays

(29 waves so far)

Key shortcuts

clicking is all that is required, but buttons make is easier

1 - 8 towers

'=' or 'U' upgrade selected

'-' or 'D' delete selected

r - rotate clockwise (for tower six, set target)

arrows - set rotation

click on enemy - show health

click on tower - select it

click on buy tower button, then click on an empty spot to place it

General Info

Enemies give money when they die, the amount is equal to their health

The next wave can be started as soon as the last one stops spawning new enemies

Four towers can be combined by making a 2x2 square and upgrading the top left tower

Tower Info

tower 1 - shoots in a straight line

upgrades - shoots faster and has a bigger range

tower 2 - shoots in 4 directions

upgrade 1 - shoots in 8 directions

upgrade 2 - shoots faster

tower 3 - slows enemies in an aoe

upgrade 1 - decreases time between effect

upgrade 2 - more intense slowing

tower 4 - like tower 1, but shoots big bullet that does 3x damage

upgrades - shoots an extra bullet

tower 5 - when a bullet hits it, it changes direction

upgrades - when changing a bullets direction, shoot an extra bullet in that direction

tower 6 - shoots explosion that does 2 aoe damage. Set specific target from anywhere on the map

upgrades - shoots an additional explosive, faster firing

tower 7 - gives money after a certain amount of kills

upgrades - gives more money and requires less kills

tower 8 - summons an anti-cube every few seconds, they travel the path and deal some damage when it collides with an enemy.

upgrade 1 - summons faster

upgrade 2 - anti-cube does more damage

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