Update log:

1.1 Creation. Basics added.

1.2 All new UI, health, score and reload system, and broken color shift.

1.3 Rgb fixed. Neon mode can now be activated without glitches once you get past 1 minute. Added patches to health system. Added heart powerups. Added bullet features.

1.4 Changed text color so it’s easier to see. You only get 100 points from a health power up if you’re already at max health.

1.5 Text fade added. Also moved all text to the Shade object to make organization easier. Fade in on startup.

1.6 Bundled code for organization. Basic difficulty progression added. Fixed shoot spamming with manual timer code. Fixed bug where the big menu screen meteor would turn into a heart. Touched up crosshair sprite. Better bounce (Credit to JR_01).

1.7 Added sounds. Added potato to menu ;). Fixed menu sound. BIGGER SCREEN. New meteor spawn system. Touched up health. New star animation system. Credits added. Basic settings added.

1.8 New songs. New Pause menu. Fixed neon save bugs (sort of). Enemy ships. Move super fast but double the points. Edited scoring system. Created less lag by destroying bullets when they collide with the wall.

1.9 Updated homing ship. Ships now explode when colliding with explosions. Edited explosion hitbox. Changed settings button sprite. Added version to title screen. Changed volume keybinds and removed mute option. Changed neon to button. Edited settings screen. Fixed score bugs on collision with health. Added shooting enemy. Added ease in-out on the crosshairs.

2.0 Added animation to the Rotatio in the menu. Made it so that when the bullet and enemy bullet collide, they both get destroyed. Added start button instead of keypress. Added buttons to death menu. Changed layout to main menu. Changed pause controls to click instead of keypress. Fixed bug where you can pause before play starts. Added fullscreen button. Added menu button in settings. Added screen shake when enemy explodes. Changed the health sprite, now looks like lightning bolt. Made a shield power up. Took out the ease in the rotation block. Updated shield pickup probability. Added teleport. Adjusted teleport to on-demand usage. Updated so that Rotatio zooms out and goes invincible on teleport. Updated so that enemy bullets destroy meteors and powerups. Adjusted overall powerup pickup probability.

2.1 Reduced lag on enemy bullet. Adjusted explosion sensitivity. Made missile powerup. Adjusted enemy bullet size. Powerups can be destroyed with explosions. Fixed bugs with powerups and firing missiles. Fixed bug where when you teleport you can’t shoot afterwards. Turned teleport into game object, made it so when enemy ships collide they blow up and give points. Better death screen. Retextured player. Retextured start button. Fixed background neon. Retextured enemy bullet. Added dash powerup. Added point explosion. Fixed player extract when player goes non-solid. Corrected point explosion layer. Created switch between mouse and arrow aiming controls. Fixed missile chain explosion. Added and changed some sounds to Rotatio and powerups. Added sounds to settings menu. Added mouse aiming. Added fadeout to menu music. Updated game saves procedure. Fixed dash to meteor collision. Fixed deadeye so it’s always facing mouse on Mouse Aim. Made death screen and play screen all one level. Added loading screen. Fixed colorization in powerups. Moved color controller to player. Retextured player (again). Added size and shader to title text. Tutorial added. Upgrade button added. Coin added. Changed health so it follows player and only appears when healing or hit. Ammo is now cooldown constructed. Ammo now only appears when player shoots or health reloads. Now when you hover the mouse over the health it appears. Revamped menu button. Added mouse shoot as an addition to space shoot. Incorporated mouse shoot in tutorial.