Path Generator

By: Advance Examples
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Copy the “Pathway” and “Self Export” bundles and import them to your games. Use the controls and instructions below to marks paths in your games, and then delete the self export bundle when you're done.

Left Click: Map Points

U: Undo Map Point

R: Reset Map List

Right Click: Change mouse movement

Enter: Test and Select Path

Shift: Save and Export Selected Path

? : Toggle Camera movement

> : Reset Camera

Use “Left Click” to map points for creating a path, the path will be added together until you click ”Enter”.

Use “U” to remove the previous point that you have marked down with left click.

Use “R” to remove all the points that you have marked down with left click.

Use “Right Click” to change the cell displacement of the mouse, for more accurate placing in your game.

If you like the path you created after clicking “Enter”, you can save the path into the clipboard by using “Shift”. then you can import the list back into Flowlab where you can replace the list in the “Pathway” bundle.

To map points easier, press “?” to toggle camera movements. The movment is based on where you move the mouse from the center of the screen.

Press “>” to reset the camera to default position.

Speed is how fast you want the character to move in the path.

The template is set to 10, the yellow example is set to 5.

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