Taile Gamougg 2 Anniversary


Relive the sequel to taile gamougg

A new slimy, glob of a threat is rising again. Where will he strike? And can our skeletal hero and his ninja friend (Pro Gabrielfo) stop him a second time?

Touch the Homie Summoning blocks to summon Pro Gabrielfo to help you. Touch Pro to temporarily summon a dragon. Left-click him to summon a permanent dragon. Right-click him to send him away. Play the original here: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1544442


Arrow keys to move. \ to dash right, Ctrl to dash left.

Enter to pause, O to enter full screen, ` to restart the entire game, and Backspace to restart the level.

F to enter Forge. Press the number keys to select a skin.

Spacebar to dismount the dragon. Left and right arrows to make him face that direction, and Dash controls to make him move without facing another direction. [ to make the dragon rotate left, and ] to make him rotate right. This is useful for maneuvering in tight spaces.

Right-click anywhere to make the dragon throw fireballs. Heal the dragon by making him touch the ice block marked with a black "X".

M to mute audio and U to unmute. Press Q to turn on Classic music.

Space Explosives Controls:

Up arrow to move, left and right arrows to rotate

X for Shine Magi Blade, Spacebar for Basic Blast