Lap / Positioning System

By: Advance Examples
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Arrow Keys to move

This is a system that tracks the player around the course. Knowing how far the player has complete the course and when the player has made a lap.

The system is a little complex, but it's overall easy to use. The checkpoints work by changing the name of each checkpoint object in the object settings. The name is set by the next turn after the checkpoint (M, R, L), then a dash "-" and its own value (1 - 89). For example: "R-1"

For where you need to place checkpoints, You want to place a checkpoint at the beginning and at the end of every turn (up to 180').

The "Map Data" object is also needed for this to work. This is what gets all the data from the checkpoints for the Racers to use.

The Score in the bundle tracks the total distance around the track. Using this with my Position System will make it possible to get the position of the player.

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