Bowe's Arcade - FlowJam 2022


Welcome Back to Bowe’s Arcade!

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About BoweCo. Entertainment!

Here at BoweCo., we know how much Bowe’s Arcade meant to you all back in it’s early days in the ever so long ago year, 2000. What we have here, on the 22nd Anniversary of Bowe’s Arcade’s establishment, is a PC port of Bowe’s Arcade Classics, which we originally bought as exclusives for the Bowe Franchise.

Since the Arcade went down in 2004, many of the machines were lost or badly damaged. However, we have garnered up much creative talent to rebuild the once lost arcade exclusives using whatever materials we could find from the old Arcade - and remaking them from scratch in Bowe’s Arcade, now playable at your home PC!

Game Jam Info

Development, Art, Story, and Concept by cregerBot (Plymouth Entertainment) for the 2022 Winter Flowjam made in 2 weeks, using the Flowlab online engine. Uses sound FX and music from Flowlab and Zapsplat.

BoweCo. and Vevus are fictional studios developed to help emphasize the world of the game. Game was developed by Plymouth Entertainment.

Jam Theme: Transformation