The Glowing Fella



Delete mouse cursor object from game to be safe.

This game is about some random dude with multiple personalities. Each personality is its own thing, and each one can do things that the other can't. Transform into a unified self through some self-discovery and soul-searching.

Touch Light Blocks and switches when Blue, touch Shadow Blocks and switches when Red. Grab the Memory Crystals (those purple shards) when Blue to progress. If the switches or Memory Crystals don't work try pressing the correct transformation button again.


Arrow keys or WASD to move. Pressing W, A, or D will transform you into your other personality.

Use WASD to drive the car in all four directions (it has 4-wheel drive). Press [ to rotate the car left, and ] to rotate the car right.

Use the editor to copy-paste sprites from skin packs onto the player character.

Right-click to turn off the mouse cursor animation, and left-click to start it back up.

Created by John Shrekinson and nhgcr on January 1st, 2022 for the Winter Flowjam 2022.