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A strange alien creature has landed on Earth, and it does not come in peace. Binding to a scientist during an experiment, this sly critter plans to transform every human on earth into his own mindless henchmen.

Ravage parks, towns, and cities as an undead creature that packs a punch, or rush a wave of gunmen as the Handy Man, or get some ranged damage in as Officer Undead. It's all fair game in S.E.T.H's world!


  • "A" and "D" to Run
  • "J" to Primary Attack
  • "K" to Secondary Attack
  • "SHIFT" to Brace (Shield kinda)
  • "ARROW KEYS" to manuever interface
  • "L" Toggle Minion Movement (Stop/March)
  • "E" Interact
  • "SPACE" to Morph
  • "ENTER" to Select/Pause
  • "F" to Fullscreen

How to Play

For those who didn't get the hints, S.E.T.H is all about getting your undead army to the end of the town (sometimes with not-so-friendly pushes)

The most common troops are citizens. They get the job done when it comes to demolishing anything in your path. Whether that be obstacles, structures, bots, citizens, or specials.

Now, here's where things get interesting! Specials are citizens with specific jobs/roles. When you infect a special, they keep the job they keep their job even after death! For instance, if you infect a Handy Man, he will serve you as the sturdy tank that is the Handy Man.


Handy Man voiced by Mon_key

Officer Undead voiced by HazyChannel

All sound effects are provided by Flowlab. All songs composed by Kraylos

Made for the 2022 Winter Flowjam

Play the original version made for the Flowjam here: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1915096

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