3 Little Factories

By: moogie001
262 Plays

!Winter Flowjam 2022!

My First Flowjam

Have Fun Folks!

Player Forms: (Change using W and S)

Use Tokens to change forms (MAX = 5 Tokens)

Cube - Move Fast, No Jump, able to fix factories

Circle - Move Slow, Jump

Rock - No DMG taken, no movements


You work as a Factory repair company. You are incharge of fixing the factories. If all 3 factories break down, you will be fired. We all know that isn't good. What also isn't good, is that there are "rock?" like things that live nearby. The don't really like you. So um... good luck? Don't get fired, or get killed.

How to Die:

  1. Don't Die, you have 5 Lives, use Rock to prevent damage (There is also a "Rock" HP, swap to a different form and change back to reset "Rock" Hp)

  2. Don't let the factories break down, fix them by going up to them and hold "E" (Lose when all 3 breaks down)

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