Pixel Quest

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CONTROLS: Keys 1-4 to change tool/weapon and spacebar to use it. When using the bow, arrow keys control which direction the arrow will go. Press Q to do a dash.
-Update 1.4.1 Changed control scheme and some UI. Orcs also now drop hearts that heal you by ten points. Pausing can now be activated through pressing the P key.
-Combat Update (1.4) Added a boss battle for the encampment, the ability to use a bow, and dash.
-Time to Expand (1.3) Added more to the map, and even an orcish outpost! Also increased the range of the orcs so it's harder. :D
-Update 1.2.2 Added the ability to use use a sword and kill orcs. Now you can go on a murderous rampage! :P -Update 1.2.1 Added health system. -The Wonderfull World of Sound! (1.2) Sounds finally added in :D
-Update 1.1.2 Improved orcs and HUD.
-Update 1.1.1 Gave butterflies an AI and added orcs.
-Lovely Leaves Update Log (1.1)
Added trees, grass, and butterflies. 50% -Blue Marigold 20% -Jeweled Motyl 20% -Red Jewel 10% -Swallow Tail.

NOTE: More features will be added soon, also trees cannot be mined from below.

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