Alpaca Raceway


Welcome to Alpaca Raceway!

Experience the boundless possibilities in the Track Editor, or race against the toughest times in the Campaign Tracks! You can even play your friend's tracks!


The car is controlled using WASD.

Teleport to the last checkpoint using "Enter"

Teleport to the start by clicking "Shift"

Returning to a checkpoint or the start resets the No Steering and Engine Off tracks.

Click "Ctrl" or "Control" to restart the track

Building Tracks

If you click "R" you will rotate the track piece.

If you click "E" you will remove the edge.

If you click "D" you will delete the track piece.

If you click "S" you will save the track.

Clicking [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9] will select that track piece.

You can submit your track by going into "Track Editor", selecting the track file you want to submit, Clicking "Play Test", then a button will appear in the button left corner saying "Submit"

If you would like to submit a reply after you finish a track a button will appear asking if you would like to submit your run.

Forum where you can Submit your track or replay: Alpaca Raceway


All Art and Code: CodeAlpaca

Advanced Timer Bundle: Galactian