Halo Armor Customizer


This is a test for my new customization system for the sequel to Halo: Flowlab Evolved Multiplayer.

Press B to make your character bigger, and S to return them to normal size.

Left-click your character to select a random color. All colors and attachments are randomly selected.

Press H to put on helmet attachments. You may have to press B or S to make the attachment match the size of your character. Press C to put on chest attachments. Press V to change your visor color. Press O to put on helmets. Press G to remove all attachments.

Press M to mute audio, and U to unmute it. You can also mute audio and then play this song: https://youtube.com/watch/afwNIRwDies

Press L to turn on light theme, press D to return to dark theme.

Press Backspace to restart the level (each Armor Core is its own level), P to pause the game (click to resume), and press ` to restart the whole game and return to the main menu (do this to switch Armor Cores).

If you want to have custom helmets, you will have to go into the Game Editor. From here, go into the library and click the "Helmet" object. Scroll through the animations and pick a helmet. Some helmets already have several colors. For the ones that don't, you will have to color them yourself. Next, use the select tool (dotted square) on your selected helmet. Make sure to select the whole grid or the helmet will be misaligned. Then, click the copy button at the bottom left-hand side of the screen. Finally, choose your Armor Core and copy the helmet you chose onto your selected armor color. You will have to color the visor yourself if you wish to change it.

Official Forum Topic: https://community.flowlab.io/t/halo-armor-customizer-also-doubles-as-player-customization-example-just-ignore-the-halo-stuff-and-use-your-own-sprites/35168

Halo created by Bungie and 343 Industries. Published by Microsoft.

List of Chest Attachments: