Mega Man X


Make Sure To:

That once on a level press the I key. Keep on running to move the red vehicles. You can break gray shiny blocks using a charge shot. (This game is fan made)

Did You Die?

If you had lots of progress but died, press E in Menu! Shift to go to back! (Only if you had proggress!!!)

If you've used up you powers

DO NOT USE THEM ANYMORE. If you do you'll get hurt... A LOT !

Normal Gameplay Info:

Sigma's copies fire green orbs & red orbs. Similar stationary orbs can be found in the Sigma Stage 2 level. they provide light but also damage X! Mavericks that are gray and looking downwards have a light on them. When that light turns red and you here a laser sound, it will shoot! On the final boss level, (Sigma Stage Two) the boss will have a shield. Break it to take down his health!


You may experience lag and bugs on the final level!