Idle Balls v1.2

By: Galactian
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Getting Started

Start off by clicking bricks to damage them and gain your first ten B$, then buy a basic ball. Click the ui, and you will now have a way to gain money while being idle! The number in the bottom left corner show the hp the bricks have. Different balls have different strengths:

Basic Ball: 1 dmg

Laser Ball: 2 dmg, shoots a 4 dmg laser

Flame Ball: 1 dmg, 10 fire dmg

Shatter Ball: 1 dmg, emits shards of glass dealing 1 dmg each.

Bomb Ball: 1 dmg, releases a 6 dmg explosion!

Other balls require x2, x1k rebirth modifier, x16M rebirth modifier, x250B rebirth modifier, and x24Q rebirth modifier. The button on the bottom right is the rebirth button.

New Ball! Quantum Ball. The final and strongest ball of them all


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Everything else: Galactian

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