Pro Gabrielfo: Alpha Male


My submission for the 2022 Cotton Game Jam.

There are two control schemes: John Shrekinson Standard and Flowlabian Standard. The John Shrekinson control scheme is a lot more fast-paced and advanced, while the Flowlabian Standard is more like a traditional non-John Shrekinson Flowlab game. This game relies heavily on movement and attack combos. Combine your weapons and abilities to do awesome tricks!

John Shrekinson Control Scheme:

Arrows to move. Press Z to summon permanent Shadows. Press X to destroy them. Press Q or E to attack.

Flowlabian Control Scheme:

WAD to move. Press Insert to summon permanent Shadows. Press Delete to destroy them. Press G or H to attack.

Neutral (both schemes) Controls:

Press S to use Shield Blocks. Hold Shift to run. Press Spacebar or CapsLock to throw Ghostballs.

Shadow Controls

Press S to use Shield Blocks. Press T to unleash a powerful barrage of projectiles. Press C to throw Ghostballs. Right-click shadows to destroy them individually.