Last Shall Thrive (Version Alpha)


You wake up finding yourself stuck between the acres of reality. The forest has been exposed to weak toxins from the meteors that had it that night. As all last humans fled. You begin to wonder, if you are all alone. You meet several angry and irritated animals. You don't have any weapons, So you dodge and dodge there attacks until they feel tired.

W to Jump A to move left D to move right S to crouch / to restart boss ] to go to main menu , to go to training level

Tips for bosses: Boss 1# avoid the bee's. Keep yourself safe and try to memorize where the honey sticks may rise! Boss 2# Mudsy Bacon has its trick too. Stay away from he mudballs as far as possible. And dodge any incoming bacon, as may as or may not like bacon. The golden hearts are better. Boss3# Oscar can be quite disturbing, try to focus on his move as best as you can.

We are sorry if any bugs may have happened or are happening. If this does break the game. You may press / to restart the level.