Daily Flordle (Winstreak Update!)

By: Galactian
13277 Plays

This is a more difficult daily wordle. The words will be more complex. On Monday, they are usually words that you've never heard of. This game does not account for double yellows and will show all things marked as yellow to make it more difficult.

/ for fullscreen, hitting spacebar breaks it, don't do it. press enter to enter an answer. unlimited version: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1973547

Forum to post your copied game:https://community.flowlab.io/t/working-flowlab-wordle/35768/18

this game was made within all the free limits, proving that you can do a ton even without indie.

Explanation to why special characters break it

The game works by sending id letters into a global. It doesn’t count as A, it counts as the last letter you typed. This is because the game works by sending for say W 2 into a global, then the text tiles decode it to display a W if their id is 2. When you hit shift, the id increases by 1, but the letter doesn’t change.


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