Various Bugs

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LEVEL 1: If you put a MouseClick behavior in a parent object, then spawn a child object (which is parented to the object with the Mouseclick behavior), the MouseClick behavior will not trigger at all in the spawned child object...

LEVEL 2: Left Click to emit an object... This just shows how there is a tiny delay in the automatic rotation of emitted objects. Each of the 3 lower numbers is the extracted rotation of the emitted object (right when it is emitted the rotation is 0, but after 0.01 seconds the rotation is switched to whatever it should be). It would be nice if the rotation could be extracted right when the object is emitted, if possible.

LEVEL 3: Destroying one object clone with a Label in it deletes the Label even if the other existing object clones still contain the Label block. This is why Labels should be object-specific instead of shared between all objects of the same type...

Level 4: Not sure exactly what is happening, but something about having an Emitted Object always increase its Size makes the same objects emitted after it move much more slowly, I'm guessing because they are using the Size of the previously Emitted object instead of their own Size.

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