Indie to Free: Achievements

By: rezarg
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Version 2.5

/!\ WARNING /!\

In order to implement the Free Achievements in YOUR Games, you MUST copy the object's NAMES as well! INCLUDING ANIMATION NAMES. THEY ARE CAP SENSITIVE. If you want to make your own object names, you are also required to modify the code to work with your custom names.


  • achievements/main - Most Functionality
  • achievements/labels - GUI Text (Name and Desc for Achievements)
  • [Use as a Reference] ExampleTrigger - Includes the Trigger bundle that will allow you to activate achievements.


  • In order to change the icon, open the animation "icons" in "achievements/main". Add more frames for more icons.
  • In the code, the "Icon ID" is the referring to the Icon's Frame Number in the Animation stated above.
  • Fixing the "Text Lag" on the achievement display will take some time, due to the fact that Flowlab takes time to Calculate and Update the positions of Labels.
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