Taile Gamougg 4 Delta

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Seven years have passed since Gamougg, Gia, and Pro Gabrielfo escaped the biggest knock-off version of the world's most popular sandbox game and shut down the galaxy's biggest drug empire. All of Pro's corrupted Shadow Bats have been exterminated, and life seems to be normal again. However, a simple thought crosses Gamougg's mind one day: "Where are my parents and brother? Are they safe? Are they all right?" Gamougg once again enlists the help of his sister Gia and his best friend Pro to find his and Gia's parents & brother, and to uncover the truth behind their disappearances.

John Shrekinson's Notes

  • You don't pick up keys to unlock doors. Technology has advanced far enough that you just have to touch the key. This would be a security guard's worst nightmare.

  • Gia is immune to explosions. No rocket, bomb, or grenade can harm her.

  • Killing enemies restores your stamina.

  • With the exception of boss drops, ALWAYS remember to unequip your weapons before completing a level.

  • If you want to improve your skills with the Demon Storm Wave, GET MOTIVATED.

  • I know gun-fu. Don't mess with me.

  • Don't deny your weapon it's purpose.

  • Swords work best and are most fun to use with a mouse.

  • Bosses will drop uniquely special weapons. To take these with you across levels, press their respective pickup/drop button twice in a row after loading in the new level.

  • Some of the levels can't be beaten without talking to NPCs.

  • Always face right when completing a level.

  • If the Speedlo is destroyed in level 10, you can equip the Beefblade and then press Q + W to spawn another one. Both phases of the Nightmare Beef Monster drop the Beefblade.

  • The first three levels of the game are playable cutscenes, levels 4-8 are normal gameplay levels, and levels 9-12 are boss levels.

  • All weapons have different right-click and left-click functions with different stats such as offense, defense, and healing.

  • There are two types of gamemodes on the main menu other than the main game: Combat gamemodes (where you encounter and fight enemies) and non-combat gamemodes (where enemies will not be present). Combat gamemodes can be distinguished by their text button being in the Targets font, while non-combat gamemodes are written in the Marksman font.

    NEW Taile Gamougg 4

    Made by John Shrekinson, nhgcr, and 117JOJO.

    Race music 1 by FASSounds from Pixabay

Race music 2 by AlexiAction from Pixabay

Level 11 music by ZakharValaha from Pixabay

Additional Music Credit:

Music by LiteSaturation from Pixabay

Music by AlexGrohl from Pixabay

Music by TommyMutiu from Pixabay

Music by altrusiangracemedia from Pixabay

Music by LiteSaturation from Pixabay

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