Leaderboard Formats


Use Left and Right Arrow keys to change the Leader Board format.

There are 4 types of format bundles, each with a score and time option.

More details are explained in the notes of each bundle (in the "set" bundle).

Select Rank

You just input the leaderboard "get" and input the rank you want to output.

Your Rank

Just input the leaderboard "get" and your data is outputted.

Top Set

This will output the top players in the list, this can be any number such as 3, 5, 10, etc.

Area Set

This will output the set amount of users with YOU in the middle.

Time Versions

Each bundle has a Time version. The Score in the Leaderboard is converted to Time. The conversion is 30fps, so having a timer by using an Always is recommended to set the Score in the leaderboard.