By: Luminous
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  • WASD to move, SHIFT to run
  • Click on chests when Glowbug is nearby to open them (MOUSE RECOMMENDED)
  • Press "Q" to use Medkit (restores 1 health)
  • Press "E" to use Energy Drink (restores stamina)
  • Press "M" (or right click) to use the map after it's obtained

If you're stuck on what to do, try re-reading documents found in chests for clues.

Please use headphones for the best experience!


Music & SFX from: (main ambience), FelisyanStudios (chase bgm), Soundbible, Zapsplat (sfx), Infraction (timed event bgm), Two Steps From Hell (brief cutscene bgm)


05/01/2023: Optimization update, now most laptops should be able to run the game smoothly.

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