Protect the Cake



Your friend baked a nice strawberry cake and he is planning to eat it after dinner. Your friend is going to go to the store, and he is afraid flies and other bugs will get to his mouth-watering cake! So he asks you to watch his cake for him while he's gone. Can you keep the cake rid of pests while he's gone, or will you let your friend down?

How to Play

You must keep the cake ride of pests until your friend comes home! Eat power ups to get bigger, and touch pests to destroy them. Don't let the pests get to the cake! Use the mouse to move and click F for fullscreen. Keep in mind that collecting too many power ups can make you small again! Sometimes the germs will stop attacking, and the screen will say a huge wave is coming. This means that a huge wave will start in a few seconds, so get ready when this happens! Note that this game will keep getting harder and harder. Play with a mouse and keyboard for a better expirience. A special thanks to grazer for the trig example!