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Move with WASD

Press R to remove the current Room from the Areas List.

Press T to add all removed rooms to the Areas List

Camera Modes:

Press 1 for the default camera mode.

Press 2 for turning off offbound areas (have to be inbound first)

Press 3 to always center the player.

Press 4 to make it activates only when pressing 4.

Before Reporting a Bug

Try pressing 1 and T to reset the bundle to default.


How to set-up:

  • Copy and import the code in the camera+, cam bound 1, and cam bound 2 objects.
  • The corner objects have to be set by having the NAME be a LETTER and NUMBER (example: A-1, A-2, B-1, B-2, C-1, C-2 ... ZZ-2).
  • Place the Camera object where you want the camera to start at. Using alpha 0 is recommended.


  • Please make sure the NAME of BOTH cam bound corner objects are correct.
  • Please sure that the cam bound corner objects are using a sprite that fills the 32x32 sprite size.

Room Layout Rules:

  • Rooms with layouts bigger than the screen will ease to the edges of the Room.
  • Rooms that are the same size of the screen will not move.
  • Rooms that are smaller than the screen will only fix to center to the small room.
  • You can have smaller rooms inside bigger rooms. (This also means for any rooms that overlap, the smaller room will be chosen)
  • If the player is outside the set areas, the camera will center on the player.
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