Adjustable Rooms


Made by CodeAlpaca

Works using the the example by JR(? it could be grazer who made it).

Adjusted it (With some very choppy coding, I'll try to fix it later) so it can now change from the rigid grid camera to a more free camera.

The Red and Green objects are used to tell if the camera should be Rigid or Free for that room.

The Green Objects have their Name changed so that it fits the room size. 0, 30, 0, 15 means the room is 30 blocks long and is 15 blocks top to bottom.

It's a little buggy when going between rooms because you collide with the object first before the camera can detect you changed rooms.

Also, the system doesn't work currently going to the left so it is -15, 0, 0, 15 instead of -30, 0, 0, 15. (Or maybe it is working correctly but I calculated something wrong)