By: Team Rezarg
92 Plays

Developed by BrandRezarg LogoMmmm


[A/D] - Move Left/Right
[WASD] - Direction (Up/Left/Down/Right)
[SPACE] - Jump/Double Jump/Wall Jump
[K] - Attack (Directional)
[J] - Dash
[SHIFT] - Reality Shift


Major Inspiration from Hollow Knight
AutoTiling Bundle: @JR01
Mmmmmmmm: Art, Code & SFX implementation

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World Name

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(Submitted by Ipsum)

Named Locations

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Buried Wilds: Tapeboiii


Don't use these unless you want to ruin the experience or just mess around :)
Up -> Left -> Right: Unlock all Movement Abilities
V -> V: Toggle Noclip
P -> P: Toggle Debug Info

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