Beyond The Glass

By: DinoCode
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DinoDev and CodeAlpaca

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Made for the 2023 Winter Flowjam


  1. Game will lag on low-end computers
  2. Game may take over an hour to complete



  • [A] and {D} (to move left and right)
  • [SHIFT] to interact (always)
  • [SPACE] to jump


  • Crossbow uses [A] and [D] to aim, [SPACE] to shoot
  • Use [ENTER] to skip dialogue
  • View Objective List [TAB]
  • Wear/remove glasses with [L]

CREDITS: - We reskinned this asset and used it as our main player character. All credits go to the creator. - Used as a particle effect when the player is running. All credits go to the creator.


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