The Novavis



The Novavis

Made for winter flowjam 2023

Jam theme: Hidden worlds

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The supernova is an economic miracle in today's galaxy. The celestial forge creates some of the rarest, most precious resources in the universe. However, these novas are particularly hot and take a while to cool down, preventing ships from entering and mining the resources.

Once, an Enryonian engineers a ship able to reach the nova. Despite these inventions, the leadership doubt them. The Enryonian is thus forced to explore the star by themselves. Despite this, they are determined to bring back crucial data and prove the Enryonian leadership wrong.

Pilot a specialized nova-diver ship in the novavis, where you'll learn to fly a spaceship not meant for starfighting, but more meant for exploration. Find waypoints, chart them and bring them back to the leadership to prove to them that your ship works.


WASD: walk all directions

F: interact with something

R: learn more about an interactable

Mouse: use interactables precisely

F: toggle fullscreen


Sup3r87: 94% of game art, 98% of game logic, direction

Logan K: 3% of game art, all audio logic, 95% audio sounds, assistive direction

JR 01's orbit bundle: 2% of game logic

Deep-fold's space background generator: assist in a few backgrounds

Flowlab's audio library: 5% of audio sounds

Game made with ENDEGSA-32 color palette