Taile Gamougg: Explorider

By: GamougGaming
111 Plays

Nenemu III, son of Nenemu II, is a very smart fellow. But when his father dies, he and his motorcyle go to rescue him. But angry demons who are afraid of Linkin Park music block their way and teleport them away! The man and the cycle are separated, but will they find each other?

Controls that aren't shown in game (yet): Spacebar to shoot gun and slash sword. T to block with sword. P to pause, Backspace to restart level, and ` to restart game. F to fullscreen when in-game. You can also use the arrow keys to move. K to zoom out camera, and L to zoom in.

Created on January 8th for the Winter Flowjam 2023. Red World music by hihilogic. Main menu and Grass World music by rcreger.

Bluerange World music by Gvidon from Pixabay

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