Bouncy Ball Runner (Thanksgiving!)


Help a Ball get as far as you can in the grass land, collect coins and unlock new Balls. Each Ball is different and some have special abilities.

Update Log:

The game has a Thanksgiving Run with many new features, the coins no longer give 2x the money.

Most Credit to GmakerP (me), some by GioPGamerDude (my brother) and my sister.

In-Game Controls:

Q to use Drill, M to go back to the Menu, F to toggle Fullscreen, R to Retry, X to Drop Tools, Space to Jump, Left and Right to Roll.

Menu Controls:

M to go back to the Menu, P to go back to the previous ball, N to go forward to the next ball, Left, Right, Up and Down to move the Camera.

This game is no longer in development.

The ice is slippery, try not to touch it.

Next Update: December 7, 2023