Poetry For Neanderthals

By: CodeAlpaca
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How To Play

Minimum Players: 4 (In Real Life)

Objective of

Poetry for Neanderthals

The objective of Poetry for Neanderthals is to score more points than your opponents by successfully getting your teammates to guess words while only giving them one syllable clues.

Setup for

Poetry for Neanderthals

Divide the players into teams. You should divide the players as equally as possible.

Players should sit around the table so the teams alternate positions. They will choose who on their team with be the first Neanderthal Poet.

This player takes the phone/device, making sure their teammate cannot see the screen.


Poetry for Neanderthals

When the "Next" button is clicked, a 3 second count off will be given before the round starts.

During the round the Poet is trying to get their teammates to guess as many words/phrases from the Poetry cards as possible.

Describing the Word/Phrase

The Poet begins their turn when the count down finishes. This player should quickly study the card to see what word/phrase they are trying to get their teammates to guess. The player can either go for the one or three point word/phrase.

The Poet will describe their chosen word/phrase to their teammate. They can describe it in any way they want, but they need to follow a few rules.

  • The Poet may only say words that are one syllable.

  • You may not say a word or part of a word that appears on the current Poetry card. The one exception to this is if one of your teammates say it first.

  • Once one of your teammates says the word (even if it is more than one syllable), the Poet is then allowed to say the word themselves.

  • At no point can you use gestures or charades to act out the word/phrase.

  • You can use qualifiers like “sounds like” or “rhymes with”.

  • Abbreviations and initials are not allowed at any time.

  • You can’t use words from other languages.


If the Poet says a word with more than 1 syllable, they must lose 1 point (by clicking the Red "-1" circle)

If the Poet gets the top word, they may take the +1 point, or try and get the second part of the card, worth +3 points.

The team with the most points in the end is the winner.

Special Features

  • Games can contain 2-8 teams, meaning everyone can enjoy the fun!

  • Rounds can be customized. This is how many time each team gets a turn.

  • Time limit is the amount of time each team is given to get as many cards as possible.

  • Deck contains 125 unique cards. You will never receive a repeat card until you go through all 125 cards

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