The Vironia Saga



The planet Vironia is located in realm 826 and is home to many species including the Voras. The Voras are one of the many intelligent species on this planet.

Chapter 1:

One day, a soldier from the Mesopian army was preparing for battle. His name was Coren; “Raya, get the explosive projectile ready for launch. They have to be launched before the armies collide.” Coren called to the special weapons expert. His plan was to destroy the front lines of the enemy army even before their army went into battle. His job in the army was to organize the fighters, both close combat fighters and gunners, and equipment before battle. “Get the trap nets ready.”

“Yes sir.” One of the soldiers saluted. He was in charge of the prisoners and the trap nets, which were used to trap the enemies. Next, Coren walked over to the close combat soldiers. He made sure that they were all in order.

During the second battle the Vironians had the upper hand. They were destroying the Red Dwarves left and right until something totally unexpected happened. The dwarves took control of one of the trap-net launchers and fired a net at Corens troop. Immediately Coren, wanting to protect the commander and the whole troop, used his temporary jet suit to fly into the net when it was still airborne, protecting the other soldiers from being captured but by getting captured himself.

Chapter 2:

Coren awoke in the enemy camp, for he had been shocked by the net. For a few moments he was devoid of all hope until he overheard his captors discussing retreat.

“When they think our army will meet them in battle, we will take that time to flee into the old fort and use it to our advantage. We cannot afford to lose another battle, alike the two latest battles.” One of the evil commanding dwarves grumbled. Coren had a secret: When he was born his parents had given him a present, a thunder stone. In preparation for this battle, he had been training to use it.

Coren was tied in a tent made of thick animal hide, which contained no source of light. Suddenly, he felt very parched and called to his captors, “May I have water?” A dwarf stepped in with an entire tub of water, which he thankfully drank from. Then he pretended to wipe the drops off of this mouth. He electrified the droplets and flung them at the dwarf who had given him the water. He then used the electricity in the water to reach into the captor’s brain and control it. As far as Coren knew, no one else on the planet knew this technique even though they knew that the brain used electricity.

He had his eyes closed so he could see through the dwarf’s eyes. He made the dwarf use his knife to cut the ropes binding him. Once he was free, he used the cut rope and made it look like he was still tied. He then made the dwarf walk out of the tent and used his electricity to make the dwarf forget everything and let his mind go.

He then used his electricity to sense how many soldiers were outside the tent and how much shock damage it would take to take them all out. He released the initial amount of shock, and he heard hundreds of bodies fall to the ground all around him. The attack used much of his power, and he became very tired. As he walked out of the tent, he found that he had taken out most of the troop. He slowly crawled into a vehicle, which was pod shaped and flew it into the mountain where he rested.

The mission starts here: Begin the adventure down the mountain and into the enemy camp. Destroy the troop and escape to Aldestria.